Salesforce is termed as a trending CRM in the market and salesforce is a combination of administration and development. This is one of the top cloud-based product which provides software, platform and infrastructure as a service based on the requirement of the users.

Salesforce is a Java based product included with various tools like force.com AppExchange and Heroku. Sales force CRM has different level of certifications for the developers to administrators.

Pre-requisites to learn sales force CRM is Java, JavaScript and software development life cycle

Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Types of cloud
  • Examples (Companies/Products)


  • What is CRM/ERP
  • Different Segment of CRM
  • CRM Entities
  • CRM Process Flow

Salesforce Overview

  • What is salesforce?
  • About the company their product.
  • Existing Competitors.

Force.com Platform

  • Overview
  • Creating Developer Environment

Types of license and instances of salesforce


User management

  1. Profiles Creation
  2. User Creation
  3. Permission Sets

Security management

  • Login Access
  1. IP Access
  2. Hours Access

Field Level security

  • Profile

Object Level security

  • Profile

Record level security.

  • OWD (Organizational Wide Default)
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Email Templates
  • Email Management
  • Mass operation on standard objects
  • Connect with google app, outlook
  • Duplicate Management


 Salesforce Customization

  • Standard and Custom Objects
  • Standard and Custom Fields
  • Object Relationships
  • Page Layouts
  • Record Type
  • List view
  • Workflow rules
  • Approval Process
  • Validation rules
  • Static Resources
  • Custom Settings
  • Custom Permissions
  • Salesforce App
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Console Environment /Development mode.
  • What is Visualforce?
  • Visualforce Page / Components
  • What is APEX?
  • Apex triggers/Classes/Controllers
  • Where Apex classes can be used
  • Use of JavaScript in VF Page
  • Making Responsive (Mobile Devices Compatible) Pages
  • Salesforce Sites

Schema Builder